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Test Files

A set of test files of basic html elements to see effects of developing a framework.

Preparation For Testing

As we develop the CSS Framework, we will need to see what effects we have on some content. To do this, we need to have a set of test files, saved within our temporary tests directory. We can also use these as a source for documenting our framework once it is complete.

The test files contain a minimum content (for now) and are linked in the listing below:

File Contents


Much of the content of these test files is minimal, so the contents of each has also temporarily been copied into the index.html file in the root directory. The seperate files are for future testing and can be added to with additional material when developing the framework.

All files reference the normalize.css and HTML5Shiv.js files in the assets folder. We are now linking our html files to site.css and using @import at this point to enable off-line development. An additional temporary style declaration has been made in the site.css to enable a clear centred display of the page.

Later on, the individual test files can be used to generate documentation for the framework.

View the combined test files.

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